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The World Is And Remains Antisemitic


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The recent Gaza flotilla incident brought vividly back to me a conversation I had a long time ago, while doing some shopping in a local store, with a Jewish man. He asked who I was and to what kind of Synagogue I belonged. I explained to him the concept of Messianic Judaism and we had a rather nice conversation on a diversity of subjects related to Judaism, the State of Israel, and the Jewish people.

At the end of the conversation my discussion partner expressed some sympathy for my point of view, and then uttered the following warning: Please do not forget, in your enthusiasm for Torah and Jewish tradition, that the whole world outside Judaism is antisemitic. Be always attentive that in whatever company you are, there’s always an antisemite in the room. Be ever aware of the danger of hatred. When push come to shove the entire world turns against the Jews. My whole mishpacha was murdered in the Nazi camps.

Although I was already aware of some of this — if your’re born in a Plymouth Brethren family with strong Zionist leanings you have the advantage of knowing that the great powers of this world will try to destroy the Jewish nation in the latter days — yet I was struck by the serious tone of the warnings uttered.

I have never forgotten what this Jewish man said to me, and my adoption of a Torah submissive lifestyle has made me even more conscious of the fact how utterly exceptional, alone, and isolated the Jewish people are in the midst of the nations.

Today’s propaganda war against Israel shows clearly that the goyim are still prepared to make the Jews into pariahs and to use lies, provocations and treachery with the objective to destroy the Jewish State. The nations have learned nothing from the endless pogroms and the hate campains of the past 2000 years. Even the holocaust is trivialized or denied.

It is an amazing phenomenon how the nations learn nothing from their histories, and are not aware of the fact that their hatred against Israel and the Jews in the end will only bring harm to themselves. All the leaders of the goyim that have turned against the Jewish people in the past have faced the historical fate of ending up in the gallery of eternal infamy and everlasting shame. If only the goyim were smart enough to know this, they would be able to see on which side of history is their long-term blessing. But “they know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course” (Ps. 82:5).

It is also amazing how these foes of Israel are unaware of their own lack of style and dignity. How perversely and childish do they behave in first provoking their victim and then accusing it of violence when Israel defends itself. How filled with hatred must these people be to be able to destroy themselves in their attacks against the Jewish State, and how hypocritical and duplicitous must their leaders be to be able to make a big show of their indignation against Israel’s “disproportionate” response.

The most amazing thing is perhaps the hatred of the nations that are historically Christian, and have received so much of their essential spiritual heritage from the Jews. Nowadays the leaders of the European peoples show an irrational hatred against a nation and a people from which they only have received blessings, a nation that has done them no harm, a nation that in many ways now actually fights their wars for them against the rising tide of Islamist terrorism.

It is high time for the Western world to seriously think and reconsider what is the historical source of their blessings. If they’ll turn against Israel they’ll turn against themselves.

As Messianics we have to be clearly aware that our adherence to Messiah and Torah implies a preparedness to suffer the consequences of these loyalties. It may be that persecution is not far away, and that suffering for Yeshua’s sake will soon become a necessary part of our daily walk.


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