The Theological Distinction between the Lord’s Supper and the Passover Seder


One Bread, One Body

One Bread, One Body

The distinction between the Lord’s Supper (or Eucharist) and the Passover Seder is of theological significance. These two meals should not be identified, because they have a different function and meaning. The Passover Seder is a national celebration of all Israel; the Supper of the Lord is an exclusive celebration of Yeshua’s Assembly, his mystical body. The Passover Seder is basically tied to the Temple. Its main ingredient is the Passover lamb or Korban Pesach, which can only lawfully be eaten within the boundaries of Jerusalem in a state of levitical purity; the Supper of Yeshua requires no Levitical purity and can be held anywhere.

The Passover is held only once a year. The lamb is to be slaughtered on the 14th of Nisan shortly before sundown and it is to be consumed in the night immediately following. The Lord’s Supper is not tied to particular dates. The Passover Seder is celebrated since its establishment in Egypt until the end of the world, as an everlasting statute of HaShem. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated since its establishment in the night when Yeshua was betrayed (I Cor. 11:23) until the day of his Second Coming (I Cor. 11:26). In the Kingdom of the Millennium this Supper will no longer be observed, the Passover Seder, however, will. It will be fully restored, and the Passover lambs will again be slaughtered in the Temple court (cf. Ez. 45:21).

The Lord’s Supper or Eucharist is thus a distinctive celebration of the Assembly of Messiah, the mystical body. National Israel as a whole is never called the Body of Messiah.


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