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Traditional Jews and Christians in Danger of Becoming Second-Class Citizens in the US (and Europe)


8958_0-41927200-1435854123_image18-bpfbtAfter the historical Obergefell vs. Hodges decision of the US Supreme Court one thing is abundantly clear: The tide has turned for the public status of Christianity and Judaism in the US. A new powerful tool has been created that will not be left unused by the Obama administration to pursue its diabolical agenda of destroying the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western civilization.

The long-term consequences of this decision seem ominous enough. Jews and Christians upholding traditional biblical values about marriage and sexual morality will face public vilification, and their organizations loss of government’s grants and religious tax exemptions.

The LBGT movement has given enough signs that it is of a neo-fascist totalitarian mindset, determined to destroy the rights of traditional religious minorities in the name of ‘respect’ for their perverted lifestyle.

My prediction is that within this generation Orthodox Jews will have to leave America and that traditional Christianity will face serious persecution. If things really go wrong they’ll become economic and social outlaws and be treated like racists, no longer tolerated in any ‘decent’ setting or company.

The often heard opinion that the constitutional liberties and protections for these groups will stay, independent of the general mindset of the majority of the population isn’t plausible. These liberties can only exist in the context of a democratic culture dominated by the Judeo-Christian heritage. When this heritage loses its dominance, the days of tolerance will be gone.

A curious coincidence is that while the LBGT activists and the US Supreme Court were busy to catastrophically redefine marriage the official leader of Western Christianity, the Pope, looked away from waging the cultural battle and was finishing and promoting his Encyclical on climate change. One wonders whether the combat against against air polution is more important now for Church leaders than the spiritual warfare “against the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience”? Whatever may be the reason for this dereliction of duty, the Pope has missed an excellent occasion to give a dire warning to the destroyers of Catholicism and biblical morality.

This reminds us of the fact that an important aspect of the LBGT victories is that the traditional leaders of Christianity — such as the Pope and the Bishop of Canterbury — seem to have almost completely lost their courage and stamina. They fear public opinion more than the verdict of Heaven and have become politically correct weazels.  This doesn’t bode well.


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