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Biblical Unitarianism

Buzzard, Anthony, “Who is Jesus? Do the Creeds Tell Us the Truth About Him?”, At: Restoration Fellowship

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Israel and the Assembly of Messiah

General Issues of Torah Observance

Ammundsen, Ron, “When did the Disciples of Jesus Stop Observing the Old Testament Laws?”, At:

Ammundsen, Ron, “How the Apostles were Expelled from Christianity”, At:

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Yhoshua, Reb, “The Oral Torah and the Messianic Jew”, At:

Specific Commandments and Traditions

Harris, Richard H., “Biblically Clean Foods: Should Believers Be On A Diet?”, At: Elijah’s Cry 1994-2001

Hegg, Tim, “Are the Festivals (Moedim) for Today?”, At: 2001

Saelman, David, “Yom Tov Sheni”, At: Chidushei Torah@NDS 2009

Historical and Miscellaneous

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