Biblical Unitarianism

Biblical Unitarian

This website is devoted to defending the unity of G-d and refuting the traditional doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation. It contains a wealth of information and good quality articles and biblical studies. Although this ministry from a Torah-viewpoint is traditionally Christian, with charismatic leanings, it has rediscovered the biblical truth of the Shema, which should be fundamental to all Messianics.

The Trinity Delusion

A biblical defense of Unitarianism. This website gives due attention to dismantling trinitarian bias in exegeting scriptural texts. Includes information on the Church fathers and the historical development of Trinitarianism.

Christian Monotheism

A website with many media items in video, audio, and text, defending a Biblical Unitarian position. Includes references to many important works in the Trinitarian-Unitarian debate.

God is 1 Not 3

A defense of Biblical Unitarianism, with an accent on the systematic and logical aspects involved in the trinitarian and unitarian positions.

Restoration Fellowship

This is one of the best unitarian websites. Many articles are on a scholarly level and the issues involved in trinitarian belief are discussed on a firmly biblical basis. One word of caution: The Israel-theology of this ministry is not entirely kosher and it is opposed to Torah observance.

Conditional Immortality

Truth or Tradition?

This website has a number of excellent articles refuting the doctrine of the immortality of the soul and defending Conditional Immortality as the biblical position. On other issues it is less biblical. It’s general position is Dispensationalist Pentecostalism.


Good quality articles and videos dealing with many aspects of the theology of Conditional Immortality.

Messianic (Jewish) Ministries

Eliyah’s Home Page

A Messianic ministry with a “One Law” theology. This website contains many useful materials, but it is infected with the “Sacred Name” error and the “Yahshuah” nonsense about the name of Messiah.

First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ)

A leading messianic ministry with a pro-Torah attitude on Gentile believers. Not “One Law”, however. It defends the position of a “Divine Invitation” theology concerning Gentile participation in Torah. Contains important materials and publications but is theologically vague about the exact obligations and the covenantal position of Gentiles. Vaguely trinitarian, and showing a tendency towards mystical and Kabbalah-inspired teachings.

Gesher Ministries

A trinitarian Messianic ministry with a “One Law” perspective as defended by Tim Hegg (TorahResource). This website contains important positional papers on the hermeutical presuppositions of the “One Law” approach.

Hebrew Root

A “One Law” ministry with a variety of useful articles and debates.

Hebrew Streams

A Unitarian pro-Torah site with a lot of interesting articles.

Light of Mashiach

An interesting pro-Torah site, supporting the “One Law” viewpoint with valubale articles on a variety of subjects. Written in a popular style and on a basic level. It must be said however, that, in its efforts to avoid the mistakes of Trinitarianism, this ministry stumbles into the even graver error of the  “Oneness” doctrine and identifies the persons of Yeshua and the Father.

TNN Online

This website contains many articles of good quality on a wide range of subjects. Endorses a “One Law for all” perspective. Showing a traditional dogmatic Christian attitude on issues like the Trinity, the Incarnation and the immortality of the human soul.

The Jerusalem Council

A Messianic Jewish ministry with an orthodox viewpoint on the technicalities of halachah. Favours the controversial position that Gentile believers who want to become Torah observant should undergo a rabbinically supervised conversion process. Contains many interesting articles. Shows a problematic tendency to identify Messiah with HaShem. Sometimes falling into cheap oppositions between “Western” and “Hebrew” logic.


Despite its outspoken Trinitarianism probably the best pro-Torah ministry of the “One Law” type. High quality articles. In its doctrines on atonement and grace leaning to somewhat illogical Calvinist positions that lack scriptural support.

Messianic Congregations and Fellowships

Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship

A Messianic congregation with a “Divine Invitation/Permission” perspective based on FFOZ teachings. Shows a healthy tendency toward a traditional synagogical style of worship.

Beth Yeshua Amsterdam

The leading congegration of Torah based Messianic Judaism in Holland. “One Law” perspective. Trinitarian.

Immanuel Gemeente Alblasserdam

Perhaps the only Dutch congregation with a pro-Torah perspective and a unitarian christology.

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