The reader should be aware that when we recommend a book this doesn’t in any way include our general recommendation of other books of the same author. When we refer to a website where the book can be read or ordered, this doesn’t imply our general recommendation of that that particular website.

Bacchiocchi, Samuele, Immortality or Resurrection? A Biblical Study on Human Nature and Destiny, Biblical Perspectives — Berrien Springs (Michigan) 2001. Available at: Truth According to Scripture, or: Friends of the Sabbath.

Bacchiocchi, Samuele, From Sabbath to Sunday: A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity, The Pontifical Gregorian University Press — Rome 1977. Available at: Friends of the Sabbath.

Bacchiocchi, Samuele, Van Sjabbat naar Zondag: Een historisch onderzoek naar de opkomst en viering van de zondag in het vroege Christendom, Bread of Life Uitgeverij — Vlissingen 2003 (Dutch translation of: From Sabbath to Sunday). Remark: The quality of this translation is bad.

Broughton, James H. & Peter J. Southgate, The Trinity – True or False, “The Dawn” Book Supply — Nottingham (England) 2002 (1995). Available at: Christian Monotheism.

Bullinger, E.W., The Rich Man and Lazarus – The Intermediate State, The Open Bible Trust — Norwich, Norfolk UK & Grace Publications — New Berlin USA 1992. Reprint of the first edition of 1902. Available at: Biblical Data

Buzzard, Anthony F. & Charles F. Hunting, The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity’s Self Inflicted Wound, International Scholars Publications — Lanham · New York · Oxford 1998

Fudge, E.W., The Fire that Consumes: The Biblical Case for Conditional Immortality, The Paternoster Press — Carlisle UK 1994

Goudoever, Dr. J. van, Biblical Calendars, E.J. Brill — Leiden 1961

Graeser, Mark H., John A. Lynn, John W. Schoenheit, One God and one Lord: Reconsidering the Cornerstone of the Christian Faith, Christian Educational Services — Indianapolis 2003

Hanhart, Karel, The Open Tomb: A New Approach, Mark’s Passover Haggadah, The Liturgical Press — Collegeville (Minnesota) 1995. Comment: To our disappointment the author doesn’t seem to believe in the bodily resurrection of Yeshua. Despite this, the majority of his analysis of Mark’s Gospel can be accepted, however. The book contains a fascinating historical reconstruction of the introduction, in the time of the Acts of the Apostles, of the Pharisaic date of Shavuot (Pentecost).

Pauptit, De Rijke Man en Lazarus of De z.g. tussenstaat van Lukas 16, Uitgave van “Uit de Schriften” — Amsterdam z.j. Available at:

Pauptit, Van dood en opstanding, Uitgave van “Uit de Schriften” — Amsterdam z.j.

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